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The relationship between Carlo Salvi and ILGEN VIDA is based on historical and mutual respect. The Turkish company has been in the fasteners industry since 1976 through the production of screws, can count a total of 9 high-tech Carlo Salvi headers in its machinery range. A collaboration launched 20 years ago and symbol of trust towards the Italian company from Garlate for its supply of cutting-edge and innovative equipment from a technological perspective.

“Providing our products and services internationally makes us very proud, and ILGEN VIDA offers the perfect example of a long-lasting collaboration that keeps evolving thanks to the trust that has always placed on us. The company main goal has always been to significantly increase our production. We are therefore the perfect partner to provide them with innovative machines to modernize their machinery range” states Carlo Salvi sales team.


ILGEN VIDA product range is made up of parts with small diameters, starting from 2mm up to 80mm length, such as fastening metric screws M2-M10 and triangular screws M3-M10, plastic thread screws Ø2.5- Ø10 and self-tapping screws Ø2.20- Ø8, Semi tubular screws and special bolts and rivets. The fields of application are automotive, electronic, electrical and household.

Some parts are ready for use after heading, others need secondary operations to be finished such as heat treatments and coating. Different raw materials are formed on the machines, like steel, stainless, Brass, Aluminium, and copper.

From 1982 to 2003 the Company moved several times their headquarters to increase their production until establishing in Silivri-Selimpaşa, near Istanbul, with a factory of 3600 m2.

The Turkish Company has now a team of 60 people, with a production and logistic area (intended also as a warehouse) located 3 km away from the manufacturing area in the same location. The parts produced by ILGEN VIDA are sold all over the world, and are used by various recognized companies in the electric-electronics, automotive industry (Siemens, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Seger etc.). Their motto is “Quality above all” and aims to keep up with the times by following the latest technology trends. According to this, ILGEN VIDA has chosen to increase its annual production that counts up to 1.300.000.000 pieces produced. The first Carlo Salvi header, purchased in 2003, represented for the company the perfect asset to have to increase their capacity, and today they can count on six CS 332 DL, one CS 003, and two CS 002. Through those headers a total of 400.000.000 pieces were produced last year, meaning 50% of their whole production.

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“Our choice to count on Carlo Salvi for the expansion and the improvement of our machinery range was driven by our need and desire to rely on new technologies, in order to increase our productivity and reach le levels of the so-called Industry 4.0. Carlo Salvi headers help our company to constantly evolve for being relevant in the industry and always one step ahead compared to our competitors” states TULAY ILGEN, Founder and General Manager of ILGEN VIDA.

The speed, the short changeover time and the easy adjustments that distinguish Carlo Salvi machines make them the perfect tool for increasing the productivity. At ILGEN VIDA the technicians benefit also from the load monitoring equipment mounted on the machines that allows to detect the problems during the heading process, stopping the machine in case of failure preventing damages to the machine itself.

“The most recent ILGEN VIDA project was certainly very complex as it took six months from its implementation and involving four people, but we were able to reach our goal to provide assets currently used in 1.5 shifts per week, and facilitating their usage through continuous training plans for their staff.” Says Carlo Salvi Sales team.

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Tulay Ilgen

ILGEN VIDA Founder and General Manager.

“At ILGEN VIDA we consider Carlo Salvi the perfect partner to innovate our machinery range in order to increase our production. Carlo Salvi heading machines reflect our motto, helping our company in providing excellent products.” remarked Mr. Tulay Ilgen, ILGEN VIDA Founder and General Manager.

Tulay Ilgen
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